He Wishes for the Clothes of Heaven

Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams

9 April
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Olivia; I thought you were a card-carrying cynic.
Peter; I am, world class. But there’s an argument to be made that beneath every cynic, there is a frustrated romantic.

2.20 Girl.
sit back relax two twenty girl

Megan. 19. Writer. Pianist. Filmmaker. Scholar. Fangirl extraordinaire. Passionate. Perfectionist. Blatantly honest. Bitchy. Blunt. Snarky. Intolerant of the stupidity of small minded people. Intelligent. Fiercely loyal.

you know her...
she's a marshmallow.

What you will find inside this treasure trove of a fantastic journal is an eclectic mixture of fandom squee, rants, occasionally spoilers if they make me incredibly excited or incensed, and once in awhile, real life crap. Always with a bit of swearing thrown in for good measure because my mouth knows no bounds.
We used to be friends,
hey hey.

Due to some unfortunate events that have happened recently, I've decided to lock my LJ. Only my fiction and some of my television reviews will remain public. If you wish to friend me, I'll add you as long as we have two or more things in common and/or a few mutual friends. If you don't comment, I may not add you, especially since it takes only 20 seconds to leave one.

the worlds.
and romances.
Lost; Damages; Veronica Mars; Skins; Burn Notice; Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Alias; House; Californication; The Vampire Diaries; Gossip Girl; One Tree Hill; Fringe; How I Met Your Mother
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